The textile industry scenario is looking up and gearing to meet the challenges of the future. Today technology and development run hand in hand. Technological advancement in textile industry has given rise to a new genre of textiles- Technical Textiles. It is the sunrise sector providing immense opportunities for the investors looking to invest in the textile industry.

Technical textiles are defined by their performance because of their functional characteristics rather than for their aesthetics. Technical textile products are manufactured mainly using special fibres such as Nomex, Kevlar, Spandex, Glass and Carbon etc. which make them hi- tech and high performance textiles.

These textiles need to be specially designed for the different sectors by someone who has deep knowledge of fibres and textile science. Divided into 12 different segments the application of these textiles is on a rise in medtech, mobiletech, geotech, sporttech and military textiles is on a rise.

While a large part of demand comes from the developed countries, the increasing industrialization and development of emerging countries is driving the growth of overall market.


Technical textiles in India continue to grow with estimated annual growth to be 20%. The key growth drivers for Indian market include increasing income levels, growing industries like Automobiles, Healthcare, Sports etc. and overall infrastructure and industrial development in India.

Following segments are growing enormously in the country

❖ Mobiletech: The growing automobile sector increases the demand for more seat belts, airbags etc

❖ Sporttech: Increase in popularity of sports and participation of India in international tournaments leads to demand of more inflatable balls, sports nets, gloves to be made in the country itself.

GeoTech: India being a developing country is in the construction phase. The upcoming projects like construction of dams and infrastructure derives the need for geotextiles to control erosion, help with drainage, and help with soil stability

❖ Medtech: Growth and expansion of the healthcare industry and scope of India to become the top medical tourism destination demands for Medtech to be made in the country.


With the spread of COVID-19 all over the world the demand for Medtech escalated. Shortage of the PPE kits was witnessed by almost every country in the world.

The state of Punjab with its entrepreneurial spirit transformed itself into the PPE manufacturing hub to meet the demand of these PPE kits not only in the state but also all over India. Many manufacturers showed interest to produce PPEs and with the initiative taken by the state Govt., within 2 months 125 units were certified to manufacture PPE kits with a total capacity of 4,67,000 units per day. Currently there are more than 130 units manufacturing over 5, 00,000 PPE kits per day.

Not only can Punjab fulfil the need of these kits in India but are more than ready to export them to other parts of the world.


Technical textiles industry has spread its roots in Punjab too. The city of Jalandhar is one of the major technical textile cluster specializing in Sporttech and accounts for 35% share of total sports goods exports. It also gives rise to an ocean of opportunities for international collaborations.

❖ Technological tie-ups between leading Japanese sports brands and Punjab based

❖ A Centre of Excellence for high-value export-quality sportswear/goods manufacturing for international markets

The technical textile industry has a bright future in the state of Punjab which is already a hub of textile industry with 4 textile parks, 4 major textile clusters. The consumption of these textiles is expected to grow all over the world. Punjab with abundance of technical textile raw material (Poly Propylene & Polyester), competitive labour cost, hi- tech production facilities, state- ofthe- Art infrastructure, conducive ecosystem and favourable government policies make it a hotspot to invest and provide immense opportunities for international collaborations. The horizons are open for the potential investors to come and grow in Punjab. The aim is not only to become self reliant but also to become the front runner in export of technical textiles in the world.

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  1. Need to develop knitting and weaving , with the manufacturing of knitting needles, manufacturing knitting machine, manufacturing of textile looms, manufacturing of fabric processing machinery,
    It will develop roots of nation skill,
    It can develop only with 3 sectors.
    It will give long term and soild benefits to nation.
    Income generating , jobs generating and export generating.


  2. Need to develop knitting and weaving , with the manufacturing of knitting needles, manufacturing knitting machine, manufacturing of textile looms, manufacturing of fabric processing machinery,
    It will develop roots of nation skill,
    It can develop only with 3 sectors.


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