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The FALSE Forex Alarm  

In case you have been living under a rock for past few months, lot of discussions have been going on Foreign Exchange reserves of India in news lately, because they have been shrinking at a pretty sharp pace. The reason for this sharp decline is, firstly, the RBI has been selling dollars to tackle the […]

How the world works?

The  world economy works in a simple way, though not many understand it. Though the economy might seem complex, it works in a simple way, it’s made up few simple parts and lot of transactions that are repeated. These transactions are above all else are driven by human natures which create three main things that […]

Economics of Cement

Cement is a ground mineral powder that serves as an adhesive to bind fine and coarse aggregates. Irrespective of impact of surrounding, it remains in its hardened state once reached. The story isn’t that lean. Similar to steel, cement is a critical component in calculations of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) which is a prime […]

The other side of the coin : Indian Rupee

How has the rupee faired in the last few months, we have read tons of content regarding the performance of the Rupee and other currencies versus dollars. Some have commented and opined on why the rupee is sliding, what’s so good about the rupee sliding and what’s so bad about the rupee sliding. If we […]


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