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The Industrial Growth Of Punjab Ensuring Inclusive Growth Of The State

The State of Punjab has been witnessing rapid economic progress in the last 4 years. This progress is not just limited to the already industrialised districts such as Ludhiana and Jalandhar; districts such as Pathankot, Barnala and Gurdaspur have also been able to attract significant investments. The Industrial and Business Development policy 2017 released in […]

Pharmaceutical Industry – Poised to be Self- Reliant and Self Sufficient

During the last few decades, India’s Pharmaceutical industry has gone from strength to strength to acquire the epithet of “Pharmacy to the world”. The term rightfully depicts the country’s technical prowess and possession of a mature ecosystem with complete backward & forward integration. India’s large-scale manufacturing facilities have leveraged the talented work pool present in […]

Capacity Building Workshop by Chandler Institute of Governance, Singapore for Invest Punjab Team

Capacity building is fundamentally about improving effectiveness, at the micro and macro organizational levels. Invest Punjab has always emphasized the importance of Capacity Building aimed at furthering the organization’s ability to do new things and improve what is being currently done. With this aim, The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) and the Punjab Bureau of […]

Slow Growth In Your Start-Up Business? How To Speed It Up?

The biggest mistake that you could be making that is probably slowing down the growth of your startup business is that you think that there is a quick & instant formula for success. As a new business owner, you will have numerous goals to achieve. You are starting out with a feeling of adventure in […]


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