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Invest Punjab: What makes it the one-stop-destination for Investors & Industry

In the current era of building businesses and investment environment in a region, investment promotion and facilitation is one of the principal elements. It is a focused approach to help increase both domestic and foreign investment and thereby contribute to the region’s economic and social development. The state of Punjab in India has emerged as […]

Business Networking works: Make sure it swings in your favour

Networking is meeting and forming contacts online with other people in your specific field of business or associate industry. It helps in building important business relationships wherein you can identify and create fresh business opportunities. Making the most of your potential contacts and connections can be significantly beneficial for your business. Carefully broadening and efficiently […]

Punjab Industry’s Resilience in Managing the Pandemic

Punjab has attracted investments worth more than Rs. 80,000 Cr, in the last four years. This has been possible due to the concerted efforts of the Government of Punjab to make the state a preferred investment destination in India. Focusing on MSMEs, large-scale industries, as well as foreign investments, the state has been able to […]

The Industrial Growth Of Punjab Ensuring Inclusive Growth Of The State

The State of Punjab has been witnessing rapid economic progress in the last 4 years. This progress is not just limited to the already industrialised districts such as Ludhiana and Jalandhar; districts such as Pathankot, Barnala and Gurdaspur have also been able to attract significant investments. The Industrial and Business Development policy 2017 released in […]


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