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Simplicity, Transparency and Accountability through digitalization: Punjab’s mantra for uplifting the Media and Entertainment Industry

The fact that Punjabi films alone earned domestic GBOC (Gross Box office Collection) of Rs. 250 Cr in 2019, steadily increasing from Rs. 220 Cr they earned in 2018 is significant enough to highlight the importance of the Media & Entertainment industry. Not just the contribution in GDP; this industry has played a vital role […]

Renaissance in agricultural procurement: Case study from Punjab during Covid times

The granary of India, Punjab, has lived up to the expectations of the nation on all parameters. Procuring the annual wheat grains during lockdown and Covid pandemic was no child’s play but once again the state succeeded in sustaining the nation’s food security in these critical times by procuring 127.67 LMT of wheat in 45 […]

Punjab & UAE: Envisioning a future of strong bilateral ties

Relations between India and UAE have been close and strong since 3000 BC. Barter trade for clothes and spices from India in exchange for dates and pearls from the region have existed for centuries. Both the nations not only share trade relations but also share similar cultural values of religious tolerance and importance of building […]

Punjab offers multi-level support to the idea catalysts & startups

Punjab startup ecosystem is all set to encourage budding entrepreneurs and gives them the freedom to capitalize on their ideas and convert them into impactful business ventures with the support of iconic reforms by the state government. The Government of Punjab has launched and introduced many schemes and initiatives to encourage the ideas and innovation […]


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