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PPP model or Traditional Procurement or Privatisation ? How to Figure which way to go ?

Since the National Monetisation Pipeline ( NMP) as a strategy has been initiated by the NITI Ayog, lot of talks & discussions have emerged in the media where experts from the private sector, public space, and even some economists have shared their opinions regarding this whole concept, whether this is a viable plan or is […]

An alternate infrastructure investment frontier: Public Private Partnerships

United Nations defines public private partnerships as “innovative methods used by the public sector to contract with the private sector who bring their capital and their ability to deliver projects on time and to budget, while the public sector retains the responsibility to provide these services to the public in a way that benefits the […]

Invest Punjab: What makes it the one-stop-destination for Investors & Industry

In the current era of building businesses and investment environment in a region, investment promotion and facilitation is one of the principal elements. It is a focused approach to help increase both domestic and foreign investment and thereby contribute to the region’s economic and social development. The state of Punjab in India has emerged as […]


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